Whether you want to just dip your head in the pool to get the feel of it, or head out to practice your new skills in the open water surrounded by beautiful reefs and Mantas, we have the course for you. 

Introduction to Freediving 

1.500.000 IDR (100 USD)

1 Day (Pool + Open Water max 6m)

This introduction course gives you a taste of the Freediver course, while still not committing to it in it’s entirety. It’s an awesome way to get in the water, and learn some cool techniques. You learn some enivable freediving tactics, and some cool breath hold  techniques, and then test them comfortably in a maximum of 6m water. If you love it, we make it easy to upgrade to the PADI Freediver certification course.


PADI Freediver

3.700.000 IDR ( 250 USD)

2-3 Days

Freediving is about self-reflection, mental discipline and self control. Like Scuba Diving, it teaches patience, focus and skill, while stressing the love and care for the underwater world.  Unlike Scuba, you morph into a more natural state, using only your anatomy to blend in. The PADI Freediver course is an epic first step toward discovering your inner strength, which is why it's so darn trendy at the moment. 


PADI Advanced Freediver

4.700.000 IDR ( 315 USD )

3- 4 Days

Having a goal to achieve is what drives some to excel. It quenches the thirst achievement. When you take the PADI Advanced Freediver course, you learn more advanced techniques to progress your limits and crush some personal goals. For those who aren’t motivated by depth and time, the techniques learned in this course open doors to even MORE underwater experiences.

Recreational Freediving

Manta Ray.jpg

If you are a certified freediver, or once we complete your training and make you one, recreational freediving trips can be organized to our amazing local sites to get a chance to practice your skills and interact with some amazing creatures. Due to the tricky site conditions, we are not always able to conduct training at these locations.

** Prices will be based on number of freedivers / snorkelers on the trip.