PADI Freediver


Are you ready to learn a new skill, challenge yourself mentally and physically, and meet some awesome people along the way? Everyone CAN freedive, and we want to make sure this message is spread loud and clear. With just a few techniques and some enthusiastic coaching, we can have you diving comfortably to 15+ meters, and holding your breath upwards of 90 seconds! If this sounds daunting, you are having a normal reaction; but if you let us do our job, we will help you surprise yourself.

The aim of this course is to teach students the techniques needed to freedive comfortably, safely and passionately. Our instructors guide you through the entire journey, as you conquer your mind and your body and prove to yourself that you can do something truly amazing. The level one course is strcutured to allow students the opportunity to practice relaxation techniques, breathing techniques and buddying techniques, and to introduce those interested in ways of continuing their personal training. Emphasis is put on buddying procedures and rescue techniques, as well as technique and safe diving practices.

Whats Included?

2-3 Days Training