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Freedive Training


Blue Corner Freedive specializes in beginner level freedive training, and recreational freediving. Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida are enveloped with beautiful blue water perfect for training, as well as healthy reef systems to explore. While the area is frequented with currents, we do most of our training in the blue to ensure students get the best conditions, and the best learning environment. For certified freedivers and students who have completed beginner level training, we organize recreational trips to see the tropical reefs and our pride and joy, the Manta Rays that frequent the islands. See below for information on the courses we offer.

 Introduction to Freediving

Half Day

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Feeling the NEED to try something new, but can’t commit to the whole deal just yet? We designed this course with you in mind. Start off with some theory presented by a knowledgeable instructor, clearing the mind of any unnecessary doubts. Then jump into the pool to dazzle the senses and get a feel for what it is to think and act like a Freediver.

The introduction course will help you to get comfortable with the basics, and then take you on an easy transition to a shallow open water dive of maximum 6 meters. If you decide you love it, we can help you upgrade easily to the PADI Freediver certification course. We want you to progress at your own pace, and are here to guide you through it!

If you are interested in doing a POOL ONLY intro, we are happy to get you in the pool in a couple of hours and give you a taste. Rates will vary based on number of people interested.

 PADI Freediver Course

2-3 Days

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Are you ready to learn a new skill, challenge yourself mentally and physically, and meet some awesome people along the way? Everyone CAN freedive, and we want to make sure this message is spread loud and clear. With just a few techniques and some enthusiastic coaching, we can have you diving comfortably to 15+ meters, and holding your breath upwards of 90 seconds! If this sounds daunting, you are having a normal reaction; but if you let us do our job, we will help you surprise yourself.

The aim of this course is to teach students the techniques needed to freedive comfortably, safely and progessively. Our instructors guide you through the entire journey, as you conquer your mind and your body and prove to yourself that you can do something truly amazing. The level one course is structured to allow students the opportunity to practice relaxation techniques, breathing techniques and buddying techniques, and to introduce those interested in ways of continuing their personal training. Emphasis is put on buddying procedures and rescue exercises, as well as technique and safe diving practices.

PADI Advanced Freediver 

4-5 Days

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Congratulations! You have completed your PADI Freediver certification (or an equivalent from other agency) and are ready to keep progressing. Now comes the true introspection as you navigate your mind and find the strength to continue your journey deeper, and longer.

In the Advanced Freediver course we take students on a more “in-depth” look at individual training techniques, more advanced physiology, and of course, a greater sense of accomplishment as your tackle more challenges. The Advanced course is for ANYONE who wants to build on the foundations of the beginner level, and to take the next step in discovering what they are capable of. For some, it is recommended to take a bit of time and do a bit more training after their beginner level, to ensure comfort at the previous depths. The beginner level gives you a taste, as you gain confidence in your abilities. The Advanced will get you hooked.