Introduction to Freediving

1,500,000 IDR


Feeling the pressure to try something new and exciting, but can’t commit to the whole deal just yet? We designed this course with you in mind. Start off by sitting through some theory to quell the mind and then jump in the pool with us to dazzle the senses and get a feel for what it is to think and act like a Freediver. In this introduction course we will teach you some revealing techniques and help you to get comfortable with the basics, and then take you on an easy transition to a shallow open water site of maximum 6 meters. If you decide you love it, we can help you upgrade easily to the PADI Freediver certification course. We want you to progress at your own pace, and are here to guide you through it!

Note: If you are interested in doing a POOL ONLY intro, we are happy to get you in the pool in a couple of hours and give you a taste. Rates will vary based on number of people interested.

Whats Included?

  • 1 Day Training (Pool + Open Water 6 meters max)

  • Theory session conducted by a passionate instructor (1 hr)

  • Mask, snorkel, wetsuit and a beautiful beachside pool

  • One-on-one pool coaching with a Freedive instructor on proper breath-hold techniques and safety procedures

  • Introduction to dynamic apnea training and gas tables for personal development

  • Introduction to open water, maximum 6 meters dive depth

  • Chance to easily upgrade to PADI Freediver certification